Friday, October 19, 2012

Time Away

For you few loyal readers out there, if you've been wondering where the Wild Child is, I'm taking some time off to rethink some things (and to enjoy the real world instead of this confounded internet).

I started Wild Child as a journey into the past to solve the mysteries of who my family is, who I am, and why my worldview is what it is - in the hopes that my life might have something to say to yours, too.  What I found surprised me. I spent the summer working on my manuscript: went home, rolled down hills, stared at the sky, listened to my mother, gave away most of what I owned, moved to Columbus, did a bunch of comic book events, turned 30, considered everything I've ever known from every possible direction. Just as I finished the manuscript for the entire book, some life events occurred that solved the mysteries for me, causing me to reconsider my conclusions, and consequently, the approach to the book. Life has a way of changing the game just when you think you have things figured out.

So, sorry to leave you with a cliffhanger, but I'll be back when I can articulate to you what I've discovered on my journeys.

  To be continued...

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  1. I'm looking forward to your manuscript. Love you M! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!